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Most Reliable battery

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Reliability, quality and service are keys of our success. Long-lasting heavy duty battery manufactured with latest machine and technology.

Full warranty

Peace of mind

Tough Performer

Long lasting life

Pocket Friendly

At Lowest Price

eco friendly

100% recyclable

Free maintenace

Company provide Free maintenance service during warranty period. So you get uninterrupted performence

True warranty

Battery come with four year warranty complete warranty without any hidden cost. Complete peace of mind

lancer battery 4 year warranty

Heavy Duty battery

Battery plates are constructed with very high tech machines and formulation which gives battery extra life.

About Us

We Are A Group Of Professional Plumbers

Continuous R&D and quality correction make our battery, a more reliable product. After sale service and water topping service make battery life double. For us every customer is priceless, so when a customer we add we add asset to company forever. To experience the change

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batter water topping car

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Battery Solutions

Serving Our Clients For Over 22 Years

Our customer always remain our customer by experiencing the performance of our battery. Exclusively providing water topping service absolutely free.

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